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Bitcoin Loophole reviews: All you need to know about Bitcoin


July 30, 2018 ( Newswire) Probably, you've seen a lot of adverts on the internet about bitcoin, right? Have you ever clicked on one of the links provided or just went a bit further to know what this thing usually is? Anyway, those who spend much time on the internet most likely have heard of it and probably they have some ideas on how it works.

The fact that you only see it in the internet means that it does exist electronically. In short, bitcoin is just a type of cryptocurrency that is very much encrypted with a great security implication. If you were looking for some information about bitcoin then you might consider going through the article as this will try to cover more on bitcoins.

This coin has already started a currency revolution and has also resulted to the emergence of new investments and trading platforms like the Bitcoin Loophole. Below are some things you need to know about bitcoins.

1. What is a bitcoin?

Not to be mistaken with "Bitcoin", a bitcoin, with a small b is a digital currency while a Bitcoin is the network or the software. Well, the bitcoin price always changes depending on how the market is and how much people are willing to pay for it. We have seen it trade for a much lower price and currently it is among the most valuable assets.

2. Who is behind bitcoins

It was one man who came up with the idea of bitcoins, Satoshi Nakamoto. Mr. Satoshi is an anonymous figure and in 2008 May, he did share a white paper on Bitcoin referring to it as a peer to peer cryptocurrency.

Without Mr. Satoshi disclosing himself in the paper too, he went ahead and gave out an explanation on how bitcoin would work. On the paper, he stated that the bitcoins will be mined using some well-designed computer software and then it would be transferred directly within the users.

This transaction will then be recorded in a certain ledger than cannot be changed or tempered with by any third party. Well, a lot of people usually see the creation of bitcoin as a selfless act from Mr. Satoshi and Bitcoin has appealed for his anonymity.

However, online detectives came up with a few identities including a Japanese man also bearing the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Some people also came up with an idea that the name is just some kind of a pseudonym.

The community was however shocked by one entrepreneur from Australia known as Craig Wright when he came out and claimed that he was Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto. A few believed him while others didn't as expected but despite all this the Bitcoin community still remained unaffected. It has a decentralized ecosystem which cannot be accessed, even by the creator himself.

3. The special thing about bitcoin

As said earlier, this is a peer to peer type of currency which runs on a system that will allow you as the user to receive and send bitcoins without being affected by a third party.

With fiat currencies, you will always need a third party like a bank or a payment processor like a visa to complete a transaction but with bitcoins, the transaction will always be recorded in some public ledger usually referred to as the bitcoin blockchain.

The information recorded in the ledger is always available and can be viewed by the public on the However, it cannot be deleted or even edited. This shows that the information recorded in the ledger will act as the only proof of a transaction. Another thing is the fact that bitcoins cannot be duplicated and due to this nun duplicable nature, it would be quite difficult for a doubles spending to happen.

4. Decentralized currency

Oh! You've been wondering what we meant when we talked about bitcoin being a decentralized currency. Well, this simply means that nobody has authority over it, not any government or any groups.

This therefore make bitcoins spendable in any part of the world only if the person receiving accepts them as a payment method. The whole concept about the decentralized currency is unique. It is just like the internet, which can be used anywhere despite the geographical location.

Anyway, since this system always have no regulations or any kind of control, a lot of countries are usually cautious about it while other developed countries have begun to recognize the bitcoin as a currency.

5. Anonymity

I bet you would also like to know if bitcoin is anonymous, right? Well, this seem to be a myth or you can also say now it is much difficult to make unknown transactions using Bitcoin.

This is because the ecosystem continues to change and a lot of bitcoin service providers are now implementing the KYC/AML terms and regulations. The KYC/AML stands for know your customers/anti-money laundering.

It is a system that will require the users to provide both the proof of residence and identity. You also need to know that bitcoins can now be traced with the publicly available transaction details.

6. How to use them

Just like the traditional currency, bitcoin can also be used for purchasing items. Other people use them as international money transfer method while others choose to keep them mainly for investments.

They do exist electronically and are usually kept in the bitcoin wallets. These wallets exists in many different types including desktop, mobile, online or web-based, paper wallet and hardware wallet. Well, it is also possible to own multiple wallets if you so wish to. You can also learn more about storage here.

7. Total number of those using bitcoins

Well, you can't really know the exact number of those using bitcoins as it always varies. However, one way in which you can use to determine the number of those using bitcoins is by looking at the available bitcoin wallets.

According to a report by CoinDesk, the number of bitcoin wallets seemed to have doubled to around 12.77 million in a period of one year from 2014 to 2015. It is common for some people to hold more than one wallet but this only shows the number of users is increasing.

You can also determine the number of users by simply looking at the number of transactions made. This has also shown a steady rise. Well, maybe the same users are making more transactions but then it is also fair to think that this number is also made up of new users too.

8. How do you get bitcoins?

There are three ways in which you can get bitcoins, buy them, and work to get them or mine them. Well, mining seemed to be profitable in the past but it might be quite expensive as one will need to buy the mining tool and acquire some space dedicated to it and pay for other cost associated with its operation.

You can also go for the buying option and purchase them from one of the many available online exchanges. You can choose to buy from global or local exchanges and there is also the option to buy it directly from another person. Some people also choose to work and get paid with bitcoins and that's how they acquire them.


Bitcoin is one type of cryptocurrency that seems to be on its way to bringing a major change in the economic sector. Well, some impacts have already begun to be felt and I'm pretty sure it still has more in store for us. Anyway, if you are also interested or attracted to bitcoins, these are some of the things you need to have in mind as they might help you find your way around the bitcoin.

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